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The fashion industry is responsible for
1.92 million tons of waste EVERY YEAR.

A pile of clothes tossed on the ground.
A nondescript factory with dark smoke rising from the smoke stacks polluting the surrounding air.

FAST FASHION produces 10% of
all global carbon emissions.

This is projected to increase by
60% over the next six years.




Three green lines in a burst pattern
A green asterisk in hand drawn doodle style
A blue shopping cart with a green sprout growing out of the basin.
An arrow point right at the phrase What Can We Do.
An arrow point left to the phrase Shop Secondhand.

Shopping at Hunts Thrift & Southern Thrift stores
keeps millions of items out of landfills.

We recycle all clothes that are too

worn to be resold.

The storefront of Hunts Thrift located in Jackson, TN.
A red cotton tshirt emphasized by green lines drawn in a burst pattern.

Most clothing is only worn 7 - 10 times.
Wearing a piece of clothing for its
whole life cycle prevents the need
for new pieces to be made.

Making one pair of jeans requires
1,800 GALLONS of water.

It takes 400 GALLONS to produce
a single cotton t-shirt.

A pair of blue jeans with a green starburst drawn for emphasis.
An animated image of planet Earth with green sprouts, leaves, and white flowers growing from it.

At Hunts Thrift & Southern Thrift, our goal is to provide you with quality items at unbeatable prices, all while promoting sustainability and doing our part to take care of our planet.

Sources:      Earth      Earth      Oldham County Water

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